Friday 8th September 2017
9am – 5pm

(no official airshow / re-enacment battle on this day)

Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th September 2017
9am – 5pm

Hawker Fury FB11 G-CBEL, SR661

The Hawker Fury, or Sea Fury, was a post war design derived from the Hawker Tempest. It is one of the fastest piston engined fighter ever made and utilises a Bristol Centaurus 18 engine with an output of nearly 2,600 horsepower.

The aircraft was originally designed as a carrier based aircraft for the royal navy but later sold to a number of air forces as a land based fighter, this aircraft is one of those land based types converted from an original aircraft and sold to the Iraqi Air Force and given the designation "Fury ISS". The aircraft is painted as one of the prototype "Furies" serial number SR661, this aircraft first flew in September 1944.