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Friday 31st August 2018

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The Victory Show Ciosby supported Charities

B-17 Flying Fortress – Sally B


Europe's only Flying Fortress Sally B defies the odds and flies into her 42nd Season

One of aviation's most remarkable stories continues for an astonishing forty-second time this season as Sally B, the only airworthy Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress in Europe embarks on another Air Display season, a feat which has been described as 'impossible'. Throughout the Airshow Season, between May and October, this unique USAAF bomber will once again steal the show at venues all over the UK. Most immediately recognisable as the star of the Hollywood Blockbuster "Memphis Belle", this B-17 will once again fulfil her main mission, paying tribute to the Allied Airmen who made the ultimate sacrifice in WWII.

Keeping a 4,800 horsepower, 25 tonne, 287 mph, seventy-plus-year-old Bomber flying is a feat which is managed by the indefatigable Elly Sallingboe and her dedicated team, backed by one of the largest supporter’s club’s aviation has ever known. 6,500 members worldwide make up the Sally B Supporters' Club; each year they help with donations large and small to the "Sally B Appeal". No official or government funding assist the operation, which is entirely reliant on friends and sponsors and, above all, the generosity of its members.

Whilst the stage name of the B-17 is 'Memphis Belle' she is, in fact, named Sally B. Fittingly, she was named after Elly Sallingboe, who is the indefatigable leader of the B-17 Preservation Team, a position she has maintained against all odds for forty-two years. Logistically, Sally B is looked after by a small team of volunteers, giving freely of their time on the ground at the aircraft's home base at Duxford. When not displaying in the air, across the UK at Airshows, Sally B spends the Summer on display at her permanent base at the IWM Duxford although not part of the Museum’s own collection.

There is a simple reason why Sally B is the only flying B-17 in Europe. Aviation costs vast amounts of time and money. When you aim to keep a four engined aircraft, far larger than most houses, capable of taking to the sky the costs and time are staggering. Small wonder then that the feat that Elly, and her team have set themselves has been described as 'impossible'. The work never stops, and help is always needed to continue to allow this critical piece of living history to continue to inspire hundreds of thousands each year, including new generations; all of whom will witness one of the most evocative and moving reminders of the sacrifice Allied Airmen made in the second World War.

Securing Sally B's future can be achieved by support of the Sally B Appeal for 2017, by the B-17 Charitable Trust (a registered charity), or membership of the Sally B Supporters Club. For more information on both the Charity, aircraft and the forty-two-year story of survival against all odds, please visit or contact Elly Sallingboe on 01638 721304.

Sally B is the only airworthy B-17 flying in Europe today. Based at the Imperial War Museum in Duxford England, this 73-year-old warbird flies as a memorial to the 79,000 Allied Airmen who lost their lives in Europe during the Second World War.

Operated since 1982 by her namesake and guardian Elly Sallingboe of B-17 Preservation, Sally B flies with the help of a dedicated team of professional volunteers and the backing of the Sally B Supporters Club, one of the largest of its kind in the world. She is maintained by Chief Engineer Peter Brown and his team of volunteers, and flown by volunteer experienced professional pilots.

Fortress G-BEDF, B-17G was built at the Lockheed-Vega production line at Burbank, California in the spring of 1945. Of the 12,731 Flying Fortresses built, Sally B is one of a mere handful of survivors and is the last remaining airworthy B-17 in Europe.

This Flying Fortress never saw war service. She was one of the last B-17s to be built and didn't join the fleet of the US Army Air Force until 19th June 1945 as 44-85784. From May 1948 she embarked upon a test career with the newly formed USAF with modifications including a manned pod on one of the wingtips. When all tests completed, she was no longer required, and after removing all test equipment, 44-85784 was flown to Olmstead AFB, Pennsylvania on 2nd July 1954 to await disposal.

This however was not to be the end of her story. The French Institute Geographique National, who had a fleet of B17s, bought her for survey work. 44-85784 was cancelled from the USAF inventory on 28th October 1954, and flown to Europe as F-BGSR and based at Creil, near Paris.

In 1975, after many years in France, the aircraft was brought to the UK by Ted White to be restored to wartime condition and named Sally B after his partner Elly Sallingboe. Registered as N17TE, she flew her first air show at the Biggin Hill Air Fair on the 18th May 1975 and became the official flagship of the American Air Museum in Britain. Every year Sally B flies over the American Cemetery at Madingley near Cambridge in tribute to US servicemen who died during WWII. Flypasts over former US Eighth Air Force bases are also carried out whenever possible.

Sally B’s TV and film credits include leading roles in Memphis Belle, We’ll Meet Again, Over Here, Bomber Crew and the 2007 film Black Book. As well as displaying at air shows and memorial flypasts for veteran groups, she has also performed at many high-profile events, including the D-Day Commemorations and the VE Day flypast over the City of London in 1995 and again in 2005. In 2006, Sally B flew to Poland for the official commemorations of the 1944 Warsaw Uprising and, in that year was given a new lease of life with a complete respray, courtesy of Air Livery of Southend and members of the Sally B Supporters club.

In 1998, Sally B suffered a series of engine problems grounding her in Guernsey for nine months. With a lot of commercial and volunteer support, the engines were replaced and in 1999 she returned to Duxford, but without the funds required to continue flying.

The B-17 Charitable Trust was formed in March 2000, to enable access to greater funding and she returned to the air the following year.

In 2007 a series of four separate engine failures lays Sally B low but again she bounces back, thanks in no small part to major benefactor Bertie Ashby who in 2008 donated a piece of land to help keep Sally B flying.

Following the grounding at La Ferté Alais of French-owned Pink Lady in 2010, Sally B became the sole airworthy B-17 in Europe.

2015 was a huge landmark year marking the aircraft’s 70th birthday and - most remarkably - her 40th flying season in the UK from her home at the Imperial War Museum Duxford.

While Sally B is based at the Imperial War Museum, she is not owned or maintained by the museum. In the US, different aviation safety laws mean that American aircraft can sell rides to passengers to pay for their upkeep, Sally B cannot do this. She is instead a registered charity, and the only B-17 run totally on public donations and true passion.

It is incredible to think that this aircraft has been flying in the UK for 40 years largely due to public support and appreciation for the amazing service the B-17 contributed to World War II. But, the generation that remembers will soon be gone and without Sally B flying in the summer skies of Europe, these memories could just disappear.

There are many ways you can help Sally B:

  • Please make a Donation: All money donated to Sally B goes directly to help ensure her future as a unique piece of living history.
  • Get Your Name on Sally B: Donate £460 or more (£395 for Sally B Supporters Club Members) and have the name of your choice added to the prestigious Roll of Honour on the outside of Sally B’s fuselage for one year. You and a companion will be invited to join the operator and crew, as VIP guests, for a special day with Sally B at Duxford on the 14th August 2016, when your chosen name will be officially unveiled.
  • The Sally B Supporters Club: now in its 38th year, join this group of friendly dedicated people whose ultimate aim is to keep Sally B flying. Only members and crew get access to the inside of the aircraft.

You can also help by donating to the Sally B Annual Appeal or by sponsoring the aircraft,

For more information, go to:

Every penny counts and goes direct to keep Sally B flying.


The B17 was critical to the USAAF daylight precision bombing campaign and was armed with 13 machine guns, hence the name “Flying Fortress”. Flying in formation, the Fortresses battled through German defences in daylight raids, suffering heavy casualties until the addition of long-range escort fighters, the P47 Thunderbolt and P51 Mustang, and the introduction of the 25-mission limit. Combat crew’s lives were measured in weeks rather than months but, despite the high casualty rate, B17’s became famous for returning home with terrible battle damage and were fondly regarded by their crews for this quality.

The aircraft was then, and remains today, the strongest symbol of the USAAF Eighth Air Force – “The Mighty Eighth”.

Power: Four Wright R-1820-97 Cyclone radial engines, each producing 1,200 hp at 15,000 ft.

Performance: Max speed 287 mph at 25,000 ft. Cruising speed 150 mph at 5,000 ft. Climb 20,000 ft in 37 minutes, service ceiling 35,600 ft. Range, 2,000 miles with 6,000 lbs of bombs.

Weights: Empty, 36,135 lb. Gross 65,500 lb.

Dimensions: Wing span 103 ft 9 in. Length 74 ft 4 in. Height 19 ft 2 in.


Images copyright: 2011-credit-Zaid-Meherali & Credit-steehouwer-2007